The forgotten Egg…

It is a sign of a true friendship when you don’t really speak to friends for almost 12 years, you have 5000 miles between you & four kids, but they become comfortable around your dinner table & it was like we only saw each other 12 months ago. The kids, of which they have one of each, are of similar age to ours & they just gel, even the 12 year old girl who is at that awkward ‘I’m not a kid anymore, but some days I still want to be’ stage joins in with some of the games the boys play. They have more in common than we realize, despite the distance & the fact they have never met before, Harry Potter is common ground for conversation, & Lego is has bonded the boys. Then for us grown ups, it’s a good old fashioned G&T while we compare notes & put the world to rights.

When friends arrive on a holiday that involves some creativity & fun for the kids when you don’t know how jetlagged your guests will be is always going to be a challenge. I haven’t done anything at Easter for a couple of years because we’ve been on vacation in Arizona, so with extra kids to accommodate it was only right that I do something. So, at midnight last night there I was trying to find homes for about 70 chocolate eggs wrapped in bright tinfoil. We still have Java so every egg had to be out of sniffing reach – the last thing I needed on the day before she goes home was a trip to the vet to have her stomach pumped! I then left 4 Lululemon bags (of course what else would you collect Easter eggs in, in Vancouver?) at the bottom of the stairs for the hunt to begin…

It took them all of about 8 minutes to find, or so we thought, every egg. They were really fair about it despite having only just met they all agreed that the collection should be shared evenly, which they did. We then allowed the consumption of one of two until I made brunch. High on chocolate they all disappeared off to watch Minions. With eggs & bacon on board we headed off for a mini city tour & a walk in the forest with the dogs, then returning home for a G&T before our roast dinner. While chatting in the newly renovated dining room, we notice some green paper shimmering on the bottom of a wall sconce – a forgotten egg!!

The kids reappear at some point soon after that & we announce that they might just want to check around in case they missed anything this morning. Our friend’s daughter appears a couple of minutes later having found an egg in the lounge – nope not the egg you’re looking for – then their son appeared with ‘the forgotten egg’, very proud of himself. I asked where he found it, just to clarify it was the one we’d seen earlier, to which he replied in a very familiar, but soft, Scouse (Liverpool) accent ‘it was on that curly thing on the wall in there!’

Even if I hadn’t seen where the egg was lurking I would have known exactly where he’d found it from his excellent & amusing description. Then, bless them, they donated both eggs to the grown ups 🙂

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