Productive Pyjamas!

It has taken us all week to sort out the house after the renovations were completed. We have friends from the UK about to land at any moment, people we haven’t seen since we moved to Canada 12 years ago. By the time we got to this morning we still had quite a lot to do, & neither of us has stopped all day. However, the fact that we need to accommodate a family of 4 spurred us on to just get stuff done. I don’t think there has ever been an occasion when the kids have gotten dressed before we have, but it was just the way it worked out. I think I said three times that I was going for a shower & then got caught up with something else. You’ll be pleased to hear that I did eventually go at 2pm!

I finished making up the last bed about half an hour ago, & now I need two painkillers & a glass wine so I can be vaguely sociable to our friends & their two children – the eldest of which is now twelve & I can remember her being born only a couple of years ago! They are only with us until Monday then they are off up to Whistler where we’ll join them next weekend. Everyone leaves on Monday, the guests, the dog, last day before the kids go back to school, & the husband goes back to work. I won’t know myself next week, no workman to chat to & make coffee for, no kids fighting, & only Tessy my little walking throw rug to exercise, & let’s not forget a whole new craft room to play in all day if I want to.

Now then, where’s that glass of wine so I can wash down my Tramadol?



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