Warning: Woman using man tools!

Yesterday we bought; today we built!

It was a team effort, my husband & eldest son built my knew shelves under the guidance of our youngest – which I thought was a bit risky but to be fair to him he did ok. I decided among all of this to build the drawer inserts. How difficult can it be, 4 sides, a bottom with a couple of runners down the sides…

Building the drawers I thought was pretty straight forward, they actually looked like drawers when I’d finished. Meanwhile, there was a lot of huffing & puffing coming from the shelves after my husband had omitted to follow our 7 year-olds instructions, resulting in the dismantling of the last part to fix it. As the slow cooker beeped to announce dinner was ready I thought I would just quickly pop one of the inserts in to see how it looked – the bloody drawer wouldn’t fit! I checked the picture again & again before finally giving up until after dinner. Hubby had sorted out his problem & my new shelves were moved into place. He promised to have a look at the drawers after dinner…

It took him all of about 30 seconds to discover what the problem was. I had attached the drawer runners to the top of the drawer instead of the bottom. If it matters so much then why do they drill holes in both places? Why not just drill holes where you need them? Better still make it more explicit in the stupid pictures & make them so they can only go on one way. Clearly I should just stick to cardstock & glue!!


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