Back to normal…

As operation ‘she shack’ comes to a close & our home begins to return to normal again, there is still so much needs to be done. Before I can move anything into my new craft room I have to stain the woodwork & touch up the paint. It is the start of a weeklong staycation for my husband, we have set aside the time to complete all the odd jobs that we’ve saved up for some time. We all do it, save up stuff for ‘when we have more time’ the problem is that if you don’t have the time when you say it, you never will. Well we have a list (you knew there would be a list involved didn’t you) on the fridge that is now almost full of all the stuff we are going to get done this coming week. It will be interesting to see if by the time our friends arrive from the UK, on Easter Saturday, just how much of that list is ticked off.

It’s also important that we spend some quality time together as a family. Life has been very chaotic recently with the renovations & everything that’s been going on with me knee that any spare time has been dedicated to what we need to do get done & not what is important as a family. We do have one thing planned for next Friday, & I would really like to see my elder son get out on his road bike if the weather holds. Of course we still have Java, & my boys love going to the forest & exploring, that in it self is a great fun family thing to do, but probably not very knee friendly.

We’ve managed to con a friend of ours into helping us get sorted on Sunday, in exchange for a decent home cooked square meal. His wife & kids have gone back to the UK for spring break so I need to make sure he eats some vegetables than he can at least be honest with his wife when she asks.

I should be really excited about finally having my own space, but right now I’m just trying to figure out where I go next. I’ve now had so many conflicting opinions I really don’t know what to believe or whose advice to take for the best. I’m sure once I start filling my room with fancy paper & fabric & let the creative juices flow I’ll feel very excited.

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