The concert…

As if torturing parents with a Christmas concert of tuneless carols & uncoordinated dance routines is not enough they now put on a spring concert! Don’t get me wrong it’s great that the teachers show enthusiasm & the time to put together these events. It also takes a lot of courage to perform to an audience as a child – I remember that feeling well. Tonight is was grade 4-12, so the quality of the performances ranged from talented & practices a lot, to, cringe-able I do this because my parents make me – & I can say I’m in a band, which is cool!

We rock up early to get a good seat because at Christmas it’s always a like a giant game of musical chairs. I swear there are people who camp out for the entire month of December just to get a seat at the front. Tonight we were lucky & bagged the second row.

My elder son sings in the intermediate choir. I use ‘sings’ in the loosest sense of the word because there appears to be only intermittent slight movement of his mouth, usually to stifle a yawn. At least he gets up there, tonight he was easy to spot being centre of the middle row. Both their songs had actions, which is always going to be a recipe for disaster. He just about managed to navigate his way through most of the first song, the second required each row to sway, the bottom & top row went one way, and the middle went in the opposite direction. It all started off looking quite coordinated, everybody swaying in time, in the right direction. Then the people either side of my son began moving in opposite directions, his mouth didn’t move at all as he tried to work out which way would be the lesser of the evils. Just as they sorted themselves out, the back row lost it!

At the end of every performance we applauded enthusiastically, while my youngest & his ex-girlfriend from JK start to loose the will to live – cozied up on one chair together. During a solo flute piece by a girl who was wearing a very questionable dress for her age, & looked like she should have been teaching grade 11, not attending it, the two were separated by Java the mutt’s ‘mum’ who was sat behind us keeping a close eye on her daughter. It only lasted an hour, but felt like days, & they know exactly how to keep you awake – plastic fold-up chairs. You know the kind, I loathe these things. I couldn’t get comfortable on them before ‘it’ never mind now. I think someone designed them especially for such an occasion to make sure you stay awake & suffer the entire experience. Well it worked; they rounded off with a compilation of Star Wars music to perk everyone up, & was actually not bad. A speech from the junior & senior principals rounded off the evening before we braved the shocking weather.

Time for a glass of wine – can’t wait for the next one!

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