The moment when you realize…

… that your little boy is truly grown up!

My elder son is 9, & has never worn is correct size. He wasn’t a large baby – 7lb 8oz – so not small either. He’s always eaten well & eats pretty much anything. He’s sporty & very active, this year he begun road biking with my husband, he swims, plays field hockey & several other sports & activities at school, & in June he will compete in his first triathlon. He is the youngest in his year, but one of the tallest, & will definitely be taller than me one day. He is solid & athletic, & if you were to look at his statistics on a percentile chart, without seeing him, you might declare him overweight!

It’s a constant joke at mealtimes that all the calories stated on the side of the food packaging are little critters that go straight upstairs, into his closet, & sew his clothes together! I rarely buy him anything that fits because he would only where it for about 2 weeks. I can’t stress enough though that this kid might have a big appetite, but eats incredibly healthy, especially for his age. Ask him what he would prefer to order for takeaway & sushi would win hands down over pizza.

Today, like most days, I did laundry. I was empting the dryer when I pulled out a new t-shirt that was enjoying its first experience of being laundered. I hate ironing, so I adopted my BFF’s trick of legging it to the dryer the moment it’s finished, then smooooothing the clothes out while they are still warm – it’s AWESOME (if you’ve never tried, you totally have to!). Anyway, I gave the new t-shirt a shake, and then held it at arms length to eyeball it for creases. That was the moment I realized that he was grown up – the t-shirt would have been big on me. Then out came a pair of jeans, again, I would have fitted into them easily. The fact I’m a 0-2 is beside the point, since he entered grade 4 & he started wearing a blazer as part of his uniform, making him instantly look older, he seemed to gradually mature with it. He works harder at subjects he used to struggle with, & achieves the reward of good results. Other parents have also told us that he has shown kindness to his peers when they were having a difficult time. But, most importantly, he’s growing into the well grounded young man that once upon a time kept us awake at night when we had to reassure each other that it wouldn’t be like this for long.

No truer words have ever been spoken.

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