Not pretty!

I am currently sporting hospital scrubs decorated with all the colours of the rainbow. I have 4 day-old hair, no make up, a large itchy swollen patch on my belly from my Humira injection, I’m splattered with green paint and I’m fuelled by Tramadol!

It is not a pretty sight believe me. We are going out with friends tonight for dinner so somehow how I have to turn my self into something presentable. This takes a lot of will power because right now, because I’m back in my knee brace I feel very unattractive even when I’m dressed up to go out. I can’t wear what I want to wear, including a pair of my beautiful shoes.


I will still try. I will shower. I will find something to wear. I will put going out make up on. I will wear my nice smart flats. I will put my best foot forward – literally – & I will enjoy the evening, because I know the company will be good & they won’t look at me any differently.

3 thoughts on “Not pretty!

      1. Rebekahsansan

        That’s tough 😦 You might want to take a look at some supplements like ginger root pills and omega-3, he eats lots of vegetables and has low sugar intake as well. Hopefully it will help you 😦

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