Up until today the renovation has gone very smoothly. Among the chaos we decided to upgrade the alarm system, which is somewhat overdue. While the tile guys worked between making a lot of noise sawing, to sitting in their cancerous smoke chamber that doubles up as a van, the alarm ‘technician’ drilled & beeped. The tile guys are fine, they keep themselves to themselves, but the alarm tech was a nightmare to say the least.

For many people here in Vancouver, English is often not their first language. My tech was East Indian & therefore fell into this category. You get used to having to listen to people carefully because of their accent, but that is if they actually communicate with you. This guy did not, & which is a huge problem for me, I can’t work with people who don’t talk to me or listen to simple requests. For example, ‘please don’t leave the outside doors open or else my cats will escape’.

Our alarm panel is in the basement, since I had to be home for the 4 hours it was SUPPOSED to take for the job to be completed, I did laundry. My washer & dryer are also in the basement, but this individual thought it would be ok to take over the entire area. I had to complete an obstacle course to rescue my laundry. Unfortunately for me, at some point I dropped something on his toolbox. It couldn’t have been a sock, or a t-shirt, or even a pair of the boys underwear, no of course not, it had to be a particularly skimpy pair of mind – ground open & swallow me up NOW PLEASE!

After rescuing my humiliation, I took some things upstairs, only to catch him about to drill a hole in my very full linen closet. I politely asked if I could move all my towels, he replied declaring they were not in his way. Not a single consideration to all dust that would then be all over my nice clean towels!

He was supposed to be done by 2, at 2.15 I asked him how much longer he would be because I had to leave to pick up the kids at 2.45. He said he would be done by then, but then I pointed out he hadn’t even started to fit the new door chime or the sensors in the other part of the house. He thought it would be fine for him to stay there while I was out – not bloody likely! I had to almost physically remove him at 3. So he would come back at 4, he arrived nearer 4.30 when thankfully my husband also came in. Hubby only had the pleasure for 10 minutes & he was about to strangle him, so it wasn’t just me having a bad day. We kicked him out again just after 5 when we were about to have dinner around him, the job incomplete, so consequently the manager has had a piece of my husband’s mind. Of course this means I will have to arrange another day for them to return… JOY!!!

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