The relay…

This year my elder son joined the school swim team. He’s like me, not built for land & loves swimming. So, I think it might be time to look for a club, I was about his age when I joined, then swan competitively until I was about 16. As you can imagine having been coached, & continued to swim 2-3 times a week until ‘it’ made it difficult, I can still get in the water & do a few comfortable lengths.

Last week was the last swim meet, so this week the school coach organized a pool party. He brought both seniors & juniors together & they competed against each in fun relays. Then there was a proper relay, seniors, juniors, & a team of parents too! Thanks to my son I was entered into the team without my knowledge at first, because bless him, he was proud of the fact that mum was pretty tidy in the water. My knee is really flaring up again, but how could I let him down?

Thanks to a few other parents being roped in we had a decent team in the end, & I was first off the starting block. It felt good to be in the water & a part of a sport again, & because it felt good, even though my knee was screaming at me, I just went for it. Not a single breath in 25m. I think in the end we had done ourselves proud, most of us haven’t swan like that in a long time, but we were right there with the best of them, we weren’t going to have a bunch of kids get the better of us. I think the kids were impressed & for once quite proud of their parents.

We definitely earned our slice of pizza & a juice box!!

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