The bleedin’ obvious!

The ‘she shack’ renovation entered its final stage this week, the flooring. The project itself actually began because we decided to restore the dining room floor. My new craft room used to be an incomplete room that’s attached to the dining room, the new tiled floor will continue from the dining room into it, with under floor heating of course. Our contractor has been great, but that is exactly what he is, he has done most of the work to date, so now it’s the tile guy’s turn to takeover.

For almost 4 weeks now my contractor & his son have been working in an un-insulated shell of a room, with an outside door open, some days in cold weather. It’s quite a large room & although we have big cast iron radiators, it is not really enough to heat the room effectively. However, I’ve not had one single complaint about this, they just got on with it. Today, while I was stood in the line up at the bank (cashing a cheque to pay the tile guys!) my contractor called me. I was on my way home after dropping the kids & walking the dog, so he had let himself into my house, with the tile guys, & disarmed the alarm. At first I thought he must have set it off again, which he did accidentally a couple of weeks ago, but after skirting around the real reason why he’d called, he finally asked me if there was anyway to turn up the temperature in the dining room because the tile guys were cold!


Well pardon me for pointing out the bleedin’ obvious here, but as I pointed out to him, that is why they are fitting under floor heating!!

Well you can just imagine what I really wanted to say, it would have been choice that’s for sure, but as I’ve mentioned, he’s been really good so I didn’t want to spoil the good relationship we’d built up. There was a lengthy silence on the end of the phone, so long that I’d thought we’d been cut off. I think he felt a bit stupid having asked the question without thinking about it first. He was quick to say ‘ok, goodbye, see you later,’ & funnily enough, the subject wasn’t mentioned when I returned home a short while later.

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