Just what the doctor ordered…

When I can’t be a part of family activities I don’t see why they can’t enjoy themselves without me. Yes we all wish it were different, and as it happens my younger son didn’t want to ski today anyway, so we got to hang out together. My elder on the other hand saw big fat flakes falling from the sky & there was no stopping him – which is great. So off hubby & no.1 went into the unknown, because for most of the day you wouldn’t even know there were mountains it was such a white out. No.2 & I packed up & checked out. We then strolled across to Blackcomb to meet a friend for coffee. The mum who makes your ears bleed but is interesting & entertaining with it so I don’t mind hanging out with her.

She started by apolising for texting me so early (9am, so not that early when you have kids!), she was desperate to meet at her hotel so I could see the room they’d been upgraded to… it was only the penthouse suite! Apparently because they had arrived so late the night before, & the hotel was overbooked, they were the last to check-in which went in their favour. Her husband & daughter, left early this morning to go skiing. He’d made her promise that she would check out on time & not continue her total lock-down. He also had to remind her that she had something in every bathroom – all 3 of them! Honestly, a bathroom each for goodness sake. She had decided not to go skiing so she could enjoy the free luxury. I was totally with her, why not, I would!

We order coffee & the server asked for her room number – she had no idea, having been so taken with the room itself she hadn’t taken a blind bit of notice. She then continued to talk about her upgrade, this time even making my son laugh. When she checked out she had promised to text her husband to confirm that she had left the room willingly & not frog marched out by security.

It was just what I needed right now. My knee is swelling & is achy more & more each day, along with the rest of my body. Having coffee with someone who can completely take your mind off it all is just what the doctor ordered!

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