Sat on by a hippo!!

Evil invisible critters that make my body ache more than ever. Last night I only managed one glass of wine before I had to head to bed. This is clearly not like me, rarely is a bottle of wine left half drunk. I didn’t sleep that well either, but then none of us do when we’re not in our own beds & all four of us are in the same room together. The boys were awake far too early, but there was no way they were putting lights on at 6.30am. When I finally managed to raise myself out of my pit, I felt like a hippo had sat on me in the night.

After packing everyone off to the slopes again, I showered in the hope it would loosen me up & make me feel more human. Nope! But I still strolled out with Tess. I was a bit mean and popped her coat on so I could let her off leash on the Valley trail & she wouldn’t venture too far. Needless to say she wasn’t happy. Normally I would need to wear layers & layers of Icebreaker, & use toe & hand warmers. I knew something wasn’t right when I had to take my gloves off in a chilly temperature of only 2 degrees. I had to unzip my jacket, & I was only wearing a thin long-sleeved t-shirt underneath. At one point I began to feel dizzy & had to sit on a log for a few minutes.

When we got back to the hotel, after walking for over an hour, I felt terrible. I was so hot & sweaty that my shirt was stuck to me, and sweat ran down my brow. I immediately jumped in a cool shower. With the balcony door wide open and sat in only my underwear, I finally cooled down. After more painkillers for my poor achy joints, I began to feel better, fuzzy, but better.

After being around sick people for the last 2 weeks, including my eldest, my compromised immune system finally couldn’t cope. It’s interesting how I don’t seem to get the nasty cold symptoms everyone else gets, my body just feels worse – a lot worse. I think I’d rather have the cold to be honest, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve been trampled on. I wish there was some way of treating that, the painkillers help but they’re not miracle workers. Hopefully after my quiet day today – writing of course! – I’ll be over the worst of it, just in time to start dealing with increasing pain in my knee again!

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