Completely out of place!

The mystery of my knee continues, to the point that my doctor is sending me to see a colleague of his for another opinion. It is now much better than it was a few weeks ago, but when my doctor examined it today his very words were ‘it’s completely out of place!” This is reassuring in that I’m not imagining it, & you can actually see that my knees are asymmetrical, but it’s also a little bit scary that even my rheumatologist is stumped as to what to do with it next. The joint was injected a month ago, took 3 weeks to respond, which then gave me about 10 days of relief, & now it’s slowing creeping back to how it felt in the beginning (when I ignored it because I thought I’d just twisted it). It’s highly likely that I’ll need it injecting again – oh joy! -but this will probably be the last one. A third stab at it puts me at high risk of rupturing something, which would be all I need on top of everything else.

The saga still has no end in sight, & now I will have to add another appointment into my diary. I can’t complain really, I have every confidence in my doctor, & respect him for getting a fresh pair of eyes to look at the scans etc. Maybe this guy will see something, or have some suggestions as to cause, diagnosis & treatment. To be honest this is now been a problem for 5 months now, I’m passed the point of wanting to know why, I would just like it to get better.

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