DIY music…

Until ‘it’ began to rule most of my life, & the kids took over the rest, hubby & I used to enjoy the challenges that decorating our home presented us with. We’ve always owned old properties, & therefore always had something we needed to update/repair/renovate as a result. I used to love helping my mum decorate when I was young, & fortunately for me I enjoyed it enough that I haven’t forgotten what she taught me. Essentially it’s all in the preparation, just like many things I do daily like following a recipe or making a card or scrapbook page. If you take the time to prepare the job in hand it will make the actual task itself a lot easier & probably be more successful. It’s now been nearly 2 months since I began stripping the wallpaper off two of our bathrooms & now one is almost finished & the other is in the final stages, about to be painted.

As you can imagine it is not only physically challenging for me to be doing this type of DIY, it also has brutal consequences that can last days, even weeks, after just a few hours of painting. That’s one of the reasons it’s taken me so long. Part of me just wants to get on with it & then I can recover, but then sometimes I find I just can’t bare the thought of inflicting more pain upon myself. Today was a rebellious day for me I decided to just crack on with it, the result being that I’ve now maxed out on the number of painkillers I can take. However, the satisfaction of now seeing that all the hard work & pain was worth it is a feeling I haven’t felt in years. It brought back fond memories of hubby & I embarking on some very time consuming projects that would take months to complete. We always had music playing while we worked, the songs now remind us of those individual projects, for example, we were stripping wood & decorating our bedroom in the Victorian terraced house we owned in Liverpool when Nickleback first became big in the UK. Right now I’m into Ed Sheeran so ‘X’ will always remind me of decorating the bathrooms & the renovation of our dining room & my ‘she shack’.

So much of our lives can be associated with certain songs, or pieces of music, it is a very powerful tool that I always try to use in my writing. You can usually tell  who or what I was into at the time I wrote a particular novel because somehow I will have incorporated it in the story; this was very evident in my first novel ‘Bruises’, which was named after one of my favourite Train songs. It was actually listening to music while walking my dog that inspired me to write.

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