Real Friends…

I’ve written about them before, but I think it’s good to reinforce how important it is to acknowledge true friends – because I know they read this. I find it difficult to believe people who say they have lots of good friends. Often what I think they mean is they know a lot of people through social media. They also might have several people with whom they spend time, but wouldn’t call on them in times of need, confide in them or have the same in return. I could say I have lots of friends, & yes I do use that term because that’s the way we tend to describe those we allow into our lives. However, I don’t know those people well, & they don’t know me in spite of the fact they follow my personal Facebook feed or I chat with them everyday in the playground at school. Then there are the ones with whom your friendly with because of work or circumstances, but you would not normally choose to be.

I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of true friends I have. I don’t need many, what I need are people I can laugh with, cry with & count on to be there. Of course it’s a two way street, I will always be that person in return, and I hope I am. I have just spent the weekend with two of my closest friends. One lives near me, & the other in the next province, she was unable to join us last fall for our usual girls weekend in Vegas, so instead she flew down this weekend. It doesn’t matter that it’s been almost 18 months since the 3 of us were all together; we just fit like it was only last week. We all have kids & busy lives that are all quite different, but when you put 3 mum’s together who know each other very well, you discover that really we are all dealing with the same stresses of everyday life, they just present themselves in individual ways. We can spend 3 days together & there is never a moment in which we don’t gel, we share a room, we shop, we eat & drink, we have serious conversations, & the most important part is that we have fun!

It only takes a couple of days of pure escapism for each one of us to recharge enough to then return to our busy lives more positively. The same issues are waiting for us, but because we’ve taken time out, we deal with them a little better than we did before the weekend. For me, it begins the second I walk back in through the door, I’m right back into cooking dinner, arranging packed lunches, doing the dishes, & making sure everyone has what they need for school/work. Among the normality of home life, I recount the events of our mini getaway before it’s time to say goodbye at the airport & we go our separate ways. It will be several months before we hopefully do this all again, but we know that at anytime we are always on the end of the phone for each other. I am very fortunate to have my other very close friend nearby, a friendship that is invaluable; there have been times when I don’t know what I would have done without her support, I certainly wouldn’t be as strong & sane as I am that’s for sure.



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