The Spa…

We all wish we could find a tranquil place where to enjoy the ultimate chill out. There is a Swedish spa just outside Whistler that used to be one of the resorts best-kept secrets. It is set high enough that you can truly escape, but not so you can’t look up to snow covered mountains of the biggest ski resort in Canada. One of the rules begins before you even set foot through the door, talking is not allowed. This might seem a bit over the top, especially when your having a mini break with a couple of girlfriends, but we all needed some downtime from life, and we can make up for it at other times of our little get away.

It isn’t necessary to splash out on a massage, although I can confirm that they are worth it. Just paying for the use of the baths is enough to reap the benefit, & there are enough of them to soak away 2-3 hours. A steam room, sauna, 2 hot tubs, 2 plunge pools (which I avoid especially in winter or I would literally turn blue), outdoor fire pits, hammocks, & solariums for cooling down before you do it all again. You could put theses facilities anywhere & enjoy them, but the setting of this beautiful peaceful place is really what makes it so relaxing.

I haven’t been able to ski at all this season, I don’t manage many days normally now. So having somewhere like this to retreat to means my husband doesn’t feel guilty anymore about leaving me behind, & although I would happily sit all day & write while the family is out, it isn’t good for me physically. I come away from the spa feeling calm & rested mentally, but also more comfortable physically. At almost $70 a day it’s really not something I can justify doing regularly, but it’s cheaper than physiotherapy, & a lot more enjoyable. To be honest when you’re me, being pain free & comfortable really has no price limit, would I do it everyday if I could? Hell yeah!

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