Fondue rules…

We regularly have fondue. Although the boys don’t do the cheese marinated in old socks, we still do broth & meat & old socks for us. It’s usually a weekend thing. There are rules…

  • You absolutely must remember which colour stick is yours.
  • If your meat falls into the pot, you must rescue it. Otherwise it’s a free for all.
  • You do not dip then cook, you must cook & then dip.
  • Absolutely NO scooping is allowed.
  • Absolutely NO dipping in the dips before you dip in the cheese.
  • Tough if you forget the colour of your stick.
  • DO NOT put the stick in your mouth AFTER it’s been cooked!



Is always chocolate!

  • ABSOLUTELY NO scooping is allowed.
  • If you drop your item into the chocolate you must have a 2 minute time out!
  • ANYONE can claim the dropped item.
  • Dripping chocolate is wasteful & also results in a time out.
  • You can’t eat anything without dipping – so no cake or candies on there own.
  • There is an optimum time for blowing out the candle – when a grown up tells you to, basically.

So now you know!

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