This morning we had to be at school for 7.15am. This is not unusual, Monday is 7am for basketball, Wednesday & Friday is 7.30am for choir. This wouldn’t be so bad if it was for both boys, but sadly it is only the elder that has a better social life than me! Today was different because the boy’s basketball team were travelling to Surrey for a tournament. To be fair to my elder child he’d remembered to bring home his tracksuit & gym kit (I bought 2 kits so we wouldn’t have this problem but both sets seem to prefer living in the glorified garbage can known as his locker). So boot camp began at whatever ungodly hour, & we were at school by bang on 7.15. Great!

After dropping his bag in the gym, he realized that he needed his water bottle, & his indoor gym shoes. No problem, he got our very lovely caretaker to unlock the door to the grade 4 floor. Meanwhile, my younger child & I are waiting in the lobby because there is nowhere else to go at that time of the morning – the library isn’t even open. He starts to complain that it is far too early to be at school and he declares that he will not be joining any clubs that require him to be at school before it officially starts at 8.20 – fair enough.

7.20: Elder child returns empty handed. He remembered that he might have left his kit under his desk but the classroom is locked. So I direct him back to the caretaker to now ask him to unlock the classroom door. He returns again empty handed declaring he cannot find his gym kit or his water bottle which is usually on his desk. So I send him to the lost & found & to the gym changing room. He then remembers that he saw his little brother’s gym shirt hanging in the changing room yesterday so he put that in his gym bag too but forgot to give it him. Awesome! Now we are missing his full kit including shoes & his brother’s shirt.

7.25: It is not in the lost & found but he needs to get on the bus. I notice he’s been given a school basketball shirt that he’s already changed into. I ask him for his gym shirt so I can give it to his brother because he has gym first period (even though little brother could have camped under it, it was better than nothing as they are quite strict about these things). The library is now open, I deposit my younger child in there & kiss him goodbye – the librarian is used to having a few strays abandoned until the classrooms open at 8am.

I return to school at 3.30pm to pick up my basketball player (younger child was in sewing club till 4), but he is not in the lobby or the gym. I head up to the classroom to see if he’s there, but only his teacher is in the room. As one of her class parent’s I have gotten to know her quite well & we get on well too. We get chatting & while I’m there she sorts out the work that my basketball player missed that day. We walk over to his desk at the back of the classroom & what do I find behind his chair on the shelf, practically waving at me, but his water bottle & the missing gym bag with all the kit & of course little brother’s shirt. I close my eyes & say a few choice words in my head!

Clearly he has inherited my husbands gene that allows him to look for something but not actually see it. The team arrived back & he sees that I have found the kit. He announces that he looked under & around his desk, not but not behind his chair because he didn’t put it there. Of course, why would he look anywhere else in case the cleaners have moved it, because that kind of common sense is only given to the female species! I then brace myself & open little brother’s locker because I can tell by the coat sleeves and shoelaces that are hanging out that my toes were at risk of severe trauma, and I return his shirt. I bag the water bottle because I’m sure its last visit home was at Christmas & I can see that it is incubating several new species of bacteria. I then send him back up to his locker to return the items that need to stay.

Needless to say I was worn out & we still had swim team practice to make it to – at a completely different school of course – the joys of motherhood!

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