Glass milk bottles…

There are some things that you remember from your childhood that you wish had never changed. Like for instance, playing outside all day long in summer, returning only for food & fluids – or ice pops if you were lucky. I even miss the sound of the ice cream van roaming the streets while playing a tinny version of a nursery rhyme. So much has changed in the world that my boys grow up in compared to the one my husband & I knew. The world is such a smaller place for a start, I didn’t get on a plane until I was about the same age as my elder boy (9), where as he could probably take himself to the airport & get on a plane without us.

While there are many things I could continue to compare, & most of which are now for the better, it is the simplest of things that I miss. You may remember I have mentioned before that many people in the UK still get their milk delivered. Not only is it delivered but it also arrives in glass bottle. Not the enormous plastic 4l containers that I have to buy in Costco. If I didn’t I would be shopping everyday to replenish the vast quantities that my tribe consume. Now, as you can imagine tipping a 4l container up to pour milk on your cereal is a tricky business for me never mind my 7 year old. Therefore, I have tried various receptacles, usually in jug form, to make this process easier. If only we could have nice pint bottles delivered to our door everyday like grandma & grandpa do it would make it so much easy…

So, there I am at the only part of the grocery store I actually enjoy browsing – the home section. This is partly because it’s at the beginning of the store, so my cart is practically empty. It is also because they just have really great stuff that I don’t really need but absolutely can’t live without. Today they must have seen me coming, because what did they have there waiting for me… GLASS MILK BOTTLES!! They are just like the ones the milkman delivers (except empty of course) with a metal screw top, instead of a foil cap. I almost bought the entire shelf because at $3.50 each they were a bargain. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get home & fill them with milk before placing them in my fridge door. Then, admiring how pleasing they look.

Yes you may think I that I really need to get out more, well that might be true, but let me tell you this, even hubby was excited when I told him so I’m not alone. Even the boys were quite taken with idea of pouring milk out of a proper bottle. Sadly though I very quickly discovered a design fault. We have skimmed & 2%, & the bottles are identical. After giving this a moments thought, no worries, that’s what sharpies are for. But I couldn’t bring myself to write on the nice clean shiny bottles, my type A came out with a vengeance. All I could manage in the end was a small black dot on the top of one lid, & thankfully my type A fridge also means that the 2 types of milk are ALWAYS put back in the same places in the doors… PHEW, panic over!

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