Mums Vs. Dads…

I’ll use Vegas as an example, but really this could apply to any mum or dad weekend away…


    • Mums take a half empty checked bag & a carry on.
    • Dads take a makeup bag sized carry on & still have room to spare.


  • Dads check in separately & agree to meet at the other end.
  • Mums all check in & make sure they’re all sat together.
  • 4 mums will share one room with two queen-sized beds.
  • 4 dads are uncomfortable sharing even 2 to a room but do it.
  • Mums shop & shop & shop & shop.
  • Dads walk & avoid shops at all cost.
  • Mums book their show well in advance because they are organized & want good seats.
  • Dads wait till they get there & wing it.
  • Mums eat on the fly, hit the bars & dance all night.
  • Dads go to a nice restaurant that serves lots of meat & avoid anywhere that has dancing.
  • Mums stay out until the sun comes up because they survive on very little sleep & they want to make the most of it.
  • Dads are in bed by 1am.
  • Mums return home planning next year’s trip (With a full suitcase & extra bags with their carry on, & maybe some stuff in their friends suitcase too!)
  • Dads might do it again but really you could do that sort of thing anywhere, you don’t really need to go away.
  • The kid’s can’t wait for mum to get home because she’s been away for weeks.
  • The kid’s ask mum on the way to the airport if they are picking daddy up from work.

It would be interesting to do this trip as couple…

Happy Valentine’s Day!!



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