Dad does Vegas!!

Yep! Home alone this weekend while hubby is doing exactly what I do every year with the girls – & he swore he never would! So it’s been a Vegas widow’s night in with the kids watching a movie in the basement, while mum’s drink wine & roll their eyes at the sad pictures they think we’re interested in.

A knock at the door & we think it’s my good friend & Vegas partner joining the fun, but no, an edible arrangement of delicious chocolate covered fruit for us to enjoy & make us believe they are thinking about us – yeah right, the last we saw of them they were ordering cocktails in Margaritaville!

My friend & I left the other widows to there slumber party, my boys are now tucked up in bed while we enjoy a late night girlie movie – Cowboys of course – wine and heaps of furry friends keeping feet warm…


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