The Family Tree…

Like many people I am completely in love with Pinterest. I mainly use it for quotes & craft ideas, but I also like to look at ideas for our house. A while ago I saw a tree that was painted on a large wall with small family pictures randomly hung over it to make a ‘Family Tree’.

I just had to use it.

We have lots of photos from over the years that would always just sit in a box if I never did anything with them. They didn’t need to be perfect pictures, just snapshots of time. So, last fall I set to work on the blank wall of our staircase. Lucky for me I’m a reasonably good drawer, & very creative, it wasn’t difficult to draw the tree, the hardest part was reaching some parts of the wall & making sure it was all in proportion.

I bought a batch of small frames when they were on sale, but they have since sat in a cupboard. This is a long weekend because we have Family day on Monday, & as we are not going anywhere odd jobs around the house are being attacked. While hubby stripped in the bathroom (wallpaper people… wallpaper!) & I had been ordered to rest my knee (& he was at home to make sure I did actually do that), I waded my way through a box of old photographs. There were quite a few that were taken before we were married, & as I’d also stencilled our surname, with the year we got married, next to the tree, I made sure I stuck to only those photos that were after the wedding – otherwise the wall would be too crowded.

I discovered very quickly that I had seriously underestimated the number of frames I would need so I’ll be off to Michaels again when there on sale, but at least I’ve made a start…

What do you think?

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