TGI Friday!

  • Both boys off school (again – they were also off yesterday too) because a 3 day long weekend isn’t enough, they apparently need 5.


  • Up early because of the workman, so we took the dog for her normal walk in the forest.


  • Came home, fed the boys, got changed, packed up food & climbing gear & headed to the wall.


  • Spent 3 hours belaying the boys, in-between climbs fed & watered them several times.


  • Back at home rested very sore knee while practicing guitar & swore a lot!


  • Supervised homework & the building of school project.


  • Baked a cake & prepared date night dinner.


  • Fed the boys – again!


  • Fed them cake!


  • Both bathed & ready for bed, then lay on the bed to read stories – which they ended up reading to me.


  • Hubby came home after very long day with a difficult case – he lay on the bed too!


  • Boys in bed – YAY!


  • Hubby made G&T’S & while I cooked date night dinner, eaten while I iced poorly knee.


  • Painkillers for desert, accompanied by more gin & chocolate.


  • Movie night that we’ll both probably fall asleep to!


Have a great family day weekend (to my fellow Canadians anyway 🙂

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