Just when I was getting the hang of playing it one-way, my teacher changed to bar chords & palm muting. So I’ve spent all week listening to the song over & over & over again. Playing along with the slowed down version he sent me, determined that I would go to today’s lesson & be able to play something vaguely resembling the tune. Yes I had my fingers in the right place for the chords, but the palm muting was a disaster, & I was strumming the wrong strings in the wrong rhythm. Darn it! I thought I’d done pretty well, my mind is not focusing on very much more than breathing right now, playing the guitar is a little escapism.

We sort out the rhythm & the right strings, only for him then to say that there was a much easier way for me to play the chords, but, he wanted my to learn the hard way first. I was not amused, but I could see why he did it that way, so I tuned into the correct sound & understood why the cheat chord works. Five minutes of the lesson left & pops on the song again, forcing me to put it all together. Chords were fine, but thankfully he had the song on loud enough to drown out the dreadful palm muting. However, he was impressed that I’d got it, promising me that with practice, just like everything else I’ve found hard, it will come…

Yeah, & so is Christmas mate!!

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