The saga continues…

It has been a week since I had the miracle injection that I hoped would be just that. Sadly it was not and the knee saga continues. It is still swollen, tender, and uncomfortable without the brace – & I can’t even begin to describe how fed up I am of wearing that thing. It is getting harder & harder to stay positive when I feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is still not in sight. What doesn’t help the situation is the people who I know are only doing their job, but they can’t be flexible & listen.

I had some refills to pick up at the pharmacy & a couple of errands run. Normally I call in the refills, but I also had to take the prescription that my rheumatologist had given me to replace the steroids he’d injected into my knee. So on this occasion I needed to actually call in & hand that over, arranging the refills at the same time. The assistant was someone whom I hadn’t seen before, so she didn’t know me. That’s fine, new people are always going to come & go, but it took longer because she went through everything methodically & by the book. I then leave to do my errands because it will take about 10-20 minutes to dispense.

When I return the same assistant pounces on me the minute I walk in, asking a gazillion questions about the steroids. Why was it being refilled when I only had one a month ago? How have I been instructed to take it? It was not the correct dose… etc. etc. When I tried to explain – again – that I was not taking the drug, I already had, & that this was to replace the one my doctor had given me, she had great difficulty understanding why? Once again questioning how I was going to take it. Meanwhile, I was desperately casting around for someone I knew & who knew me, but there was nobody – normally they fall over themselves to serve me when I walk in!

Finally, just before I was about to get hold of the assistant, shake her, & scream ‘WTF is wrong with you? It’s not difficult…’ the manager appeared, thank god!! I nearly kissed him, but that would have been very inappropriate so I settled for greeting him like a long lost friend. I explained to him the situation with the replacement drug exactly the same way as I had before, & he looked at me as if to say what’s the problem then, & just said ‘oh, yeah, of course, that’s fine. We don’t have it in stock, but we’ll have it when you’re next in!’ simple as that, no more questions. Apparently the dose was inaccurate, but that was easily fixed.

Really! I do not need this hassle 😦

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