Operation ‘She Shack’!

Day 1 of our renovations, & so far so good. What are we doing? Well, it all began when the old lady who lived here before us asked for her table back! Why did we have her 8ft solid wood dining room table? Simple, she was down sizing & as you can imagine there are not many rooms in the average house that it would fit into, never mind in an apartment. She offered it to family members; nobody could accommodate it, so we jokingly said ‘we’ll have it!’ & that was that!

An agreement was drawn up with the sale of the house stating that if we needed it moving or she wanted it back, it would be moved at her expense. This thing was big & heavy, & it was standing on a very nasty carpet that we knew could only be lifted when the table finally moved on. That was in early December, the new table arrived just after that in time for Christmas (& is even bigger would you believe!), however, this one is in several pieces so much easier to move.

An extension at the end of the dining room has another room on the other side of a wall that we have been using as a shed. When we moved in, nearly 4 years ago, we found some old plans for the house, which is approximately 80-90 years old. The plans that were originally drawn up for that extension stated that is currently the shed, was meant to be a sewing room. The room was only half finished, & that end of the dining room is the only room that was extended on the main floor & didn’t have the hardwood matched, maybe she ran out of money, hence the nasty carpet instead. The dining room hardwood is completely covered by the carpet, & the hardwood underneath extends to about two thirds of the room length.

Now that the other table is gone we can lift the carpet, complete the flooring, & the best bit, knock a door through to the ‘shed’ & finish the sewing room. Believe it or not, that room is going to be exactly that – my she shack!! Not only is it just off the dining room, it also looks out onto the garden, therefore perfect for sewing, scrapbooking, card making, and of course… writing!!!

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