Dog Vs. Squirrel

What is it about squirrels? All dogs seem to think that they can catch one. They will sit at the bottom of a tree hours after the furry little cutie has disappeared. One day I saw the same one descend the other side of the tree, while my dog sat a matter of a couple of feet away, waiting… I swear the squirrel was laughing at her as it made off with a prize.

Today we were sat in front of the fire playing Canada-Opoly (great Christmas gift from my best partner in crime). There I was, for the first time ever, buying up the board after spending the first two rounds in a snowstorm, when a large black fellow scuttled along our fence just outside the living room window. One minute all was calm, various parts of the room had calm animals snoozing, the next Tess was off the sofa going bananas, leaping & jumping & barking & howling. Of course seconds later when she looked again it was gone.

For the next hour & a half the stupid beast paced around from room to room. Sat at the door, gave pathetic little woofs here & there. She doesn’t have the sense to realize that it’s gone, disappeared, long since moved on from our garden. When it was finally declared that I owned most of Canada & everyone had narrowly escaped landing my Hudson Bay to visit one of my 3 log cabins, we ended the game & I finally let her outside.

You know she’s was still looking for it 4 hours later!!

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