I have been absolutely & extremely very brave!

No, I did not kill a spider – I’m not that brave!

I saw my rheumatologist this morning; he examined ‘the knee’ & remains as baffled as everyone else who has had a poke at it. So much so I had to sign a form that will allow him to use my MRI scan images at the local hospitals radiology rounds at the end of the week.

YAY! Fame at last! Well my knee anyway but it’s a start!

So far the knee itself has made it clear that it will not respond to intramuscular or oral steroids, so there was only one thing left to try… hit it right where it hurts! Interestingly my doctor wasn’t convinced I needed an injection directly into the joint. Instead, he thought that literally injecting the area that was most painful was all it needed.

I doesn’t often happen these days, but thankfully my husband (whom, if you remember was having the absolute grandfather of bad weekends on call & has only had about 4 hours sleep since Thursday!) was with me, in body anyway, which is all I needed so I could squeeze a supportive hand. Was it as bad as I thought it was going to be? Actually no because it was more superficial than originally planned, but it was bad enough, & I think I now have quite a high pain threshold.

Of course there was local anaesthetic in there too, & at first it was quite nice to have the tender spot numbed. But oh boy, did I pay for that couple of hour’s relief. It came back with a vengeance, & of course I wasn’t sitting at home with my feet up was I? Oh no, I was tile shopping in preparation for our renovations that start next week. In some ways it was good to have my mind taken off it, but as time went on I was desperately trying not to turn into the miserable cow I felt – & succeeded, I think.

So, fingers crossed it will all have been worth it. I was told it will be sore at first, but I’m not very good at the R&R thing, as you might have gathered by now. Maybe just a little bit of wallpaper stripping tomorrow, after doing the school run, walking the dog, making a casserole, doing some laundry, changing the beds…

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