Cake, Karting & cadbury’s!

I’m glad the ‘cake’ impressed, thank you for the comments. Why not a traditional cake or cupcakes? Well, I own the only 7 year old in the universe that doesn’t like cake! Or maybe I should clarify that, doesn’t like MY cakes. He’ll eat cupcakes from the expensive cupcake store of course. However, I should point out that even my dog wouldn’t eat my baking. Therefore, I needed to think up something that would fit the climbing wall party theme, I could make two of so that I didn’t have to cut the ‘cake’ there (they don’t have a party room) & the kids could take home a pre-wrapped, not to messy treat. So I’ve put Krispie lollipops in little baggies, & the actual wall itself can go to school on Monday for his class mates, voilà, everyone is happy!

I can’t believe he’s 7 (his birthday was over the holidays which we have discovered from past experience is a stupid time to try & have a birthday party). Being child no.2 we have very little time with him just hubby & I. So, when no.1 spent the entire afternoon at a friend’s house, & ended up staying for dinner, we were determined to make sure we had some fun with him. Both of my boys have been helping me redecorate their bathroom, they are keen to get involved with painting etc. but first I have to strip all the paper off. After a successful afternoon of ripping all the paper off at the beginning of last week, I didn’t need to do much persuading when it came to slapping hot water & vinegar all over the walls so we could scrape the backing paper off. I remember doing this with my mum when I was a similar age, & I loved it. We had great fun this afternoon, doing what is a physically demanding task for me. I got some help doing something I enjoy doing, & hopefully when it’s all done they will both appreciate it even more because they helped to do it.

I asked him to chose dinner… Tacos! Then after dinner we then promised him we would all Mario Kart on the Wii together, breaking after a couple of rounds for ice cream, which I allowed him to have a whole Cadbury’s (Yes REAL Cadbury’s from the UK) flake in his, normally I half them so we share 2 between 4 (mean mother I am!). We squeezed in one more round before big brother knocked on the door a few minutes later. He too had had a fun packed afternoon of ice-skating, Xbox, & Lego building. Everyone was happy & ready for bed.

I too am in a better place, thanks to good friends, & a very supportive & patient husband. I’m hopefully coming out into the light & seeing things a little clearer again – doesn’t mean it changes how I feel about some things, but hopefully I can cope with them better.

Of course, tomorrow is another day & birthday parties are always fun!

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