Resting – a waste of time!

How is it possible to be busier when the kids are at school than when they were off? Maybe because I try to cram in as much as possible in 6 hours so I don’t have to drag them around all the things they hate doing, like grocery shopping! Believe me, I’m not a fan of it either, but it is one of those essential chores in life that we have no choice but to do. Depending on where you shop it can be an interesting place. So, due to dietary restrictions & 3 hungry boys to feed I move between Superstore, Costco & Whole Foods. It would be lovely to wander the isles of Whole Foods on a weekly basis; it is actually quite an enjoyable grocery store (with the exception of Marks & Spencer’s of course) to waste hours of your life in. However, I can easily spend a months grocery budget on just half a dozen items. Then, even though I get my parking fee back at the checkout I still feel ripped off by having to pay in the first place, & there is only so much organic grass you can eat in a month!

It has become the norm now that I just take painkillers before I embark on this outing. It’s not just lifting the bags in & out of the car, & to the house, then pushing the cart full of groceries is what kills me. To the average person who just stocking up their fridge & pantry the same as me, I look completely ‘normal’. The truth is I don’t let my suffering show. As the cart gets to full capacity I struggle to push it comfortably. The worst bit is getting from the store to the car. Why do they build grocery stores on a hill? It is just the worst thing for me to do, not only have I lifted all the bags back into the cart, but I then have to control the cart on a downward slope – nightmare!

By the time I’ve gotten home, emptied the car, & put everything away I feel beaten. The problem is I don’t do what my body is telling me to do, and that is rest. Why? Because remember I only have 6 hours to cram in all the things that I need to do without the kids. I get caught in a cycle that I’m sure all parents get caught up in. We don’t see childfree time as time to rest, no. We maximize the amount that we can pack into that time. For me rest it is at the end of the day when the little darlings are knocking out z’s & I don’t have to be anywhere, at certain time, with the right child, the right equipment, without said child complaining they are hungry, or they need the bathroom & there isn’t one nearby, & the traffic is awful, then there’s no parking… I can then be crafty & creative, or chill out & write, because I can’t just do nothing, that would be wasting time!

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