Quick, simple, no fuss, healthy, cheap & tasty!

I LOVE cereal, & I’m afraid Cheerios are a guilty pleasure of mine. In fact I could probably just put the milk in the box (family size of course!) & just eat it right out of there. There are very few cereals I can eat now thanks to ‘it’, but the ones I can eat are probably the ones I would choose anyway. Why am I telling you this? Well, I had cheerios for dinner!

It was all I needed after a long weekend away, arriving back late after a fun day snowshoeing in glorious weather. We were all tired & hungry, even the dog walked in the door & put herself straight to bed. Although it was fantastic for me to be in the great outdoors with my family, I have arrived back very achy, especially my wretched knee which is bugging me again. So, the last thing I felt like doing was cook a meal. The boys were happy with pizza, hubby had left over casserole, & me, well you know what I had.

It’s kind of comforting too. When your feeling a bit beaten, but don’t get me wrong it feels great to have done it, a mound of little ‘o’s taller than the bowl – in the biggest bowl you can find without using the fruit bowl – are just what you need. A splash of milk – can’t be doing with soggy cereal. You have to pick the bowl up too, & hold it close. Every bite is a satisfying crunch that makes you feel all kind of ‘ahhhhhh’, as if you could melt right off the stool onto the floor. When you get to the last spoonful there should be very little milk left, & the spoonful that is left has been flavoured so it’s just as tasty.

Yes, I could definitely have cereal for every meal… so don’t even get me started on cornflakes!

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