The ice cream ball…

What’s not to love about ice cream? So, what if it was possible to make it wherever & whenever you want, even when you’re camping. You can, thanks to a really cool birthday gift that my elder gave his little brother. Ok, so you still need to have the ingredients of which includes cream & ice – of course! But, if you’re a serious camper you’ll have one of those coolers that lasts for 3-5 days, & you can always pick up ice at a gas station if the camp site doesn’t have any. Then the actual process of making dessert is quite fun…

The device looks like a fancy soccer ball. It has two compartments at each end, one for the edible ingredients, one for ice & rock salt. Once you have filled it, & you have made sure the lids are secure, you roll it around on the floor. Yes, it’s as simple as that. After 10 minutes we checked the progress, not knowing what to expect, but sure enough the cream was thickening & something resembling ice cream had actually formed on the walls of the compartment. So, we continued, rolling it back & forth for a further 10 minutes.

Believe it or not it really did work. The only catch was that it seemed to melt very quickly when we served it, so we abandoned that idea & ate it straight from the ball. I figured that this would much more fun if we were sitting around a campfire passing it around, & not huddled around a tiny table in the corner of a hotel suite!

All told we were quite impressed with this rather unique gift that would be fun for big kids of all ages – especially hardened outdoors types.

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