Snow & Ice

I have only ever been on ice skates twice in my 43 years. The first time was when I was 9 for a friend’s birthday party. I was pretty useful on a pair of roller skates so I innocently thought ‘how difficult can it be? Off I went thinking I was the next Jayne Torvill & then… BANG! I went one way, my right leg went the other & I spent the next few weeks in full leg cast on crutches. That knee has been a problem ever since. Needless to say, I was apprehensive about ever getting on the ice again. But I did, a few years ago while on a skiing trip in France. It seemed like a good idea at the time but when I got on there there was no way I was going solo. I clung onto the side for dear life all the way around the perimeter, and then promptly vacated the rink declaring never ever, EVER again!

After a hard days skiing I would of thought ice skating would have been the last thing my boys would feel like doing, but it would seem I was wrong. After dinner we took a stroll through the busy early evening crowds of Whistler village. It’s great now that the kids are old enough to stay up a little later when we are on vacation; we got to show them the village all lit up. The ice rink at Olympic Plaza is near our hotel & the boys were keen to check it out. For the record, my boys have never taken lessons, but have actually been skating a lot more than me – which obviously wouldn’t be difficult. They are both very good skiers, & therefore have good balance, & with that have very little fear. It goes without saying that I declined the offer to join them, but hubby decided he would. In no time at all they were all in the hockey rink slamming pucks into the net. Thankfully kids bounce pretty well, I think child number 2 spent most of the time on his bum, but always picked him self up & carried on. Even hubby appeared to be having far too much fun.

For Tess & I, well we just watched from a mound of snow, my dog doesn’t do well when her pack separates among crowds of fast moving people, so we stayed away from the main rink. We enjoyed the entertainment for a while, but I struggle in the cold these days because my circulation is so poor now. Eventually we decided to retreat back into the warmth of our hotel room. I slipped into my Pj’s & opened some wine to breathe; I think even Tessy was happy to curl up in front of the fire while we waited for the pack to be reunited. They returned buzzing with stories of crashes & dramatic falls, but thankfully they were all in one piece, and now very tired, hungry & gasping for water. Following a few pages of the final Harry Potter book their heavy sleepy eyes began fighting to stay awake & my wine was beginning to evaporate.

It had been another successful day among the snow & ice.




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