We sometimes say it several times a day, often without even thinking about it, but when it’s a ‘proper’ goodbye the words don’t seem to tumble out so easily. What do I mean by a ‘proper’ goodbye? You know the ones where you leave loved ones or close friends & it may be sometime before you see them again. Not just a ‘see you later’ to someone you see all the time or don’t know well.

Well, today we did a ‘proper’ goodbye when we took the grandparents to the airport after 3 weeks of fun & festivities. In that time we also squeezed in both boys birthdays & grandpas too! So as you can imagine it’s been a pretty full on visit for all. Family time is important no matter what, but when you live 5000 miles apart it’s even more meaningful to make every moment together count, especially when none of us are getting any younger. However, after 3 weeks I think we were all ready to have our personal space back, & return to some sort of normality. This still doesn’t make that ‘proper’ goodbye any easier, if anything it’s getting harder each time we have to do it.

We are the family you see at the entrance to security, teary eyed but still smiling. The kids stealing one last hug from grandma – because iChat hasn’t found a way for us to do that yet! We block the door causing huffing & puffing from suited businessmen & other travellers & families who just want to get the admin of security done so they can be on their way. We draw it out for as long as we can before we all let go & they slowly walk away, turning to wave at us one last goodbye before disappearing…

We will see them soon enough thanks to modern technology, but of course it’s not the same. Then, before we know it, we will back in arrivals waiting for them again so we can all begin a summer vacation together, & the emotional airport scene will happen all over again.

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