When I were a lass the most exotic food I can remember having at home was pasta. We had the occasional Chinese take away & the odd pizza, but no matter what me, my mum or brother chose to have, my dad would always, without fail, take a detour to the local fish & chip shop for himself. I never saw him try anything new, pie, chips & mushy peas was it. Lucky for me mum was a lot more adventurous with food, I remember her trying most things, & she loved seafood. I would like to think that if she were here today she would enjoy our favourite family take out – sushi, & I think she would be proud of her grandchildren for being so adventurous & open-minded about food.

To be fair, I did grow up in a very small part of northeast England, there were very few local take outs, so it’s no surprise that I didn’t know what sushi was until recent years. The first time I tried it, I loved it. The first time my boys tried it, they loved it too. Now, whenever we have friends or family visit, we make a point of introducing them to this delicious healthy dinner. We have a great local restaurant that delivers, and never disappoints.

It is interesting that over thirty years have passed since my days of meat & two veg, it makes me smile when I try to imagine the look on my dad’s face if a plate of raw fish were served to him for dinner, & I couldn’t possibly repeat what he might say! What makes me smile even more is the fact that my own family’s lifestyle is far healthier when it comes to ‘fast food’, sushi is without fail our first choice & it’s usually the kids who ask.

(Guess what we had for dinner!)

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