I love it when you wake up & find that it’s been snowing. The kids bounce into the bedroom excited to announce that everything is white, so this wasn’t just a few flurries & it was still snowing quite hard at 8am. Although a novelty that makes anywhere look pretty, hubby & I had to do some quick rearranging of plans. Only one of our cars has winter tires, but thankfully only he had appointments to keep & the dog was quite happy romping around the garden – the park would have to wait. For me, not so much fun taking down the decorations normally, but shouldn’t it have been snowing when I was putting them up?

After everyone was togged up the boys announced they were off to do business with the neighbours. What on earth could a 7&9 year old be selling on a cold & snowy day? Snow shovelling of course. They charged the neighbours 5 bucks for clearing their driveways & sidewalks. Sure enough a couple of hours later they returned with a fist full of dollars, slightly damp & very hungry! The interesting thing about this good deed is that it wasn’t just about the money. They are both very sensitive to the fact we live in a neighbourhood of older inhabitants, some quite elderly, they knew that some people would find it difficult to clear away even the smallest sprinkling of snow. When they’d dried out & refuelled, even my husband was impressed & proud of their efforts, so he too slipped them a crisp blue note each for doing our own place.

Snow play didn’t end there; when you don’t have this kind of weather in the city very often you have to make the most of it. An afternoon stroll through the woods with the dog gave us all a crisp cool blast of fresh air. The boys played hide & seek in the winter wonderland – although not very well due to the fact they were in their ski gear of bright red & fluorescent orange, & my elder had a bad case of hiccups! We all returned glowing & sleepy, hoping that we can wake & find even more white stuff so we can do it all again tomorrow & maybe even build a snowman…

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