There are not many people who can say they get on very well with their in-laws, I am very fortunate to be one of those. Today I had to drop my eldest in some far flung corner of Richmond for a laser tag birthday party. It wasn’t worth driving all the way home so I suggested that mum-in-law tag along & maybe we could check out the new shopping outlet & enjoy a coffee. We have similar interests & have now known each other for almost 20 years. Yes, there are some personality traits that we both have that I’m sure irritate the life out us, but on the whole we get on like a mother-daughter.

Before my mum died I didn’t have the relationship I hoped I would have, in fact we were didn’t speak for 10 years. I’m not sure how that relationship would have developed had she not passed on, but I would like to think she would have played a big part in my family. My mother-in- law is by no means a substitute for my loss, but I am fortunate to be given the next best thing. For mum-in-law, now ex-communicated from her own daughter, I would like to think that it is the same in reverse for her. I will never be a substitute for her loss, but at least she has someone she can have that kind of close ‘girlie’ relationship with. Like today, we walked & chatted , & wondered & browsed, & very irritatingly were turned away from the only coffee shop in the complex because of some technical brewing problem. Good job I know where the nearest drive through is!

I also think that it is important that my children see that mum & grandma get on well & spend time just the two of us. This makes for a very close & happy family, of which is very small so therefore even more important that we all get on well. I also hope this sets the standard for the future if you know what I mean, not having a daughter of my own it would be nice if I could have the same kind of relationship with any future daughter-in-laws. After all, my 7 year old has a girlfriend his older saw him kissing in the playground – he has even saved her the tacky necklace he got out of a christmas cracker so it must be serious… bless!

In other positive news… My knee is definitely feeling better, I even got my yoga mat out this afternoon. I bought a bargain sweater in one of my favourite stores. I successfully baked a brie & I haven’t eaten any chocolate – but the night is still young!

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