Hello 2016

So far it’s off to a good start by raising a glass of pink bubbles with my hubby & lovely in-laws. As always we were far to late to turn in, resulting in a copious amounts of rushing around the following morning to make a brunch reservation. Not at a restaurant that we would have normally have chosen, but a buffet style set up is always fun for the kids to feel independent when they are allowed to eat as much of whatever they want. Without wishing their lives away I quite like having gotten to a stage where eating out is now a really enjoyable experience with them & not a battle to help them eat or entertain them so we can eat. A short stroll to Canada Place blew the cobwebs away in the freezing temperatures we are currently enjoying (Although my circulation doesn’t like it I would much rather were boots for frosty than floating!). I wore my first pair of heels in months after I thought my knee felt better this morning – stupid girl!!

This holiday season we have spent a lot of time playing games as a family. Once again I am excited that the kids are old enough to enjoy & appreciate this, playing better than the grown-ups more often than not. Huddled around the coffee table in front of a roaring fire, bowls of nibbles & steaming mugs of mulled wine often accompany the laughter – soft drinks for the kids obviously. While cats melt over the backs of sofas, and the dog vacuums the floor!

For the first time in 2015 I kept personal memory boxes for the boys, recording their significant events & achievements from throughout the year. It was fun & interesting to look back & reminisce. I will now transcribe the lists in a journal form for their scrapbooks – if I EVER have time to continue scrapbooking their childhoods – another thing to add to my list of things I will do in 2016.

It is getting to that stage that we all reach at some point in the celebrations we have been enjoying over the last couple of weeks – saturation! We need to get back to the normality of routines, regular meals & rid of the pathetic looking fir that was once a beautiful christmas tree, crowded with the surprises & excitement of gifts. We have a whole year of surprises & excitement ahead of us before we can enjoy this festive season again…

Happy New Year!!!

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