Social media thingy management

Keep a constant social media presence, the article said… you must tweet approximately 3 times a day… you must blog at least once a week… you must do this and you must do that… have a word with myself is what I must do, it’s exhausting!

I would appear to have all the right social mediary things, according to my several Google searches, but I’m not sure I really know what I’m doing with them to be honest. I think I’m ok with this Blog thing, but I’ve been doing that for a while now. Maybe not – you tell me? I’ve had a personal Facebook profile for years, so having a separate Author profile is fine, but I also now have a page for Bruises – so, if you’re keeping count, that’s 3 Facebook thingys to maintain, as well as the Blog; 4 thingys in total!

Then there’s Twitter (so now that’s 5 thingys), which I still don’t really understand but it sounds quite impressive that I ‘tweeted’ this or I ‘retweeted’ that. No idea if what I post is playing the right game or not with all the hashtags – often I just see what other people put and shamelessly copy, which seems to work. People abbreviate things I don’t get, so I then have to sheepishly ask my husband, who usually rolls his eyes in utter despair at my blondeness and tells me something that is SO obvious now he’s said it. Just because I can write a novel or three doesn’t mean I understand technoacronyms, does it?!

So here I am, doing my best to put myself out there, and occasionally somebody takes notice and Likes, or Follows, or posts something back. I’ve even been Re-tweeted a couple of times. However, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that actually writing the book, and publishing it for that matter, were the easy bits, all the other thingys you have to do afterwards – if you want it to do well of course – is the really hard bit. I just need to keep calm and carry on thingy management!

You can get your copy of Bruises direct from my publisher, from Amazon and other major online bookstores.

2 thoughts on “Social media thingy management

  1. R. G. Tamaki

    I feel you. I’m debuting in a month as well and I’ve been hard at it with the “social media thingy” 🙂 I found that twitter and facebook are highly irrelevant to me at this point. Personally I get most of my traffic through posts I made at my website.
    Great post!

    1. llindley72 Post author

      Thanks commenting! It’s interesting how different ‘thingys’ are useful at different stages. My website hasn’t been launched yet – god help me when I have to maintain that too!! I find that most of my interest comes from my blog & twitter. I don’t expect much traffic on FB as I think many have moved on from it, but it was familiar to me so I figured why not? Good luck with your own journey. LL


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