I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I have just been – and still am – suffering from that common seasonal problem known as ‘school holidays’! I have so far managed to deal with the suffering in a number of ways: bike camp, summer camp, beach, playgrounds, waterparks, play dates etc.. And drinking gin & tonic on the patio (me, not them :-). There is, however, light at the end of the tunnel. Grandparents arrive in less than three weeks, and school uniforms and footwear have been purchased in preparation for the return of my sanity.


Despite all the chaos, I have a fabulous tan and a new MINI convertible (to make all the running around significantly more bearable). I’m about to write chapter 20 of my third novel and I’ve just finished proof reading Bruises, which will now hopefully be coming to an online bookstore near you very soon. But I look ten years older than I did at the beginning of the summer!


It turned out that the formatting issues were kind of my own fault. I originally started writing on my iPad using Documents To Go. This very basic word processing program didn’t allow me to do much more than write – even though I splashed out on a keyboard. So, formatting the manuscript was not an option until it was opened in Word, which wasn’t until I finally succumbed to a laptop. It never occurred to me that, although it looked fine on screen, behind the scenes it was screwed. When I informed my manager that this might be the problem, it actually helped them to very quickly work out how to put it right. My husband had pointed out on many occasions that if I’m to be taken seriously I should get a laptop. Unfortunately, being a stubborn old boot, I didn’t give in for quite a while, determined that it was possible to carry on using only my iPad. Well, I still don’t really take myself seriously, but I finally gave in when I’d finished the sequel to Bruises – meaning that if that ever goes to press, I’ll have the same formatting nightmare again. Only this time I can hopefully correct it before submitting to the publisher, or at least warn them up front.


In the meantime, my book cover should be complete. It would be nice to start using that soon and putting it out there for the world to see. There are some minor adjustments to be made in the manuscript, but hopefully nothing that will take too long. So I guess watch this space…

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