This just sums up my week. No further with publishing, and very little writing done.

Between sick kids and a teachers strike, not to mention the chores of everyday life, I am frazzled and it’s only Wednesday. My body doesn’t do well when it’s taken out of routine and given extra loads to deal with. I’m dreading my next physio session, it’s going to be brutal, but wait a minute… all my sessions are brutal 😦

A pathetic excuse of a blog… sorry. Hopefully next I will have a publishing update and I won’t be so beaten!

2 thoughts on “Life!

    1. llindley72 Post author

      Thanks, it always does. I just get frustrated with myself because I try to be as normal as possible, especially as a mum, but sometimes AS doesn’t allow me be like that. I rebel against it, then suffer the consequences… I’m not very good at listening to my body which is the main problem. Tomorrow is a whole new day! LL


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