Back to reality!

Well, I have safely returned from ten days of lazing by a pool and being waited on hand and foot. Why do you always feel like you need another holiday on your first day back to real life? My feet haven’t touched the ground and, to add admin to hassle, my elder son had a Pro D day. To be fair to him, he helped with the grocery shopping, the laundry mountains, organizing all the pet food, litter box and the gathering of our many furry friends from their various vacation locations. My physio is always telling me that there are reasons why I was given boys; days like this suggest that he may be right.

As well as wicked SI pain, presumably from travelling, I am also suffering severe Margarita withdrawal and sun deprivation. Sadly only one of these symptoms can be reliably fixed but unfortunately, as I no longer have minions, I will have to make it myself now and, of course, it never tastes the same. Also can’t have one with lunch, in the afternoon while cruising around the lazy river, or while perusing the dinner menu! A little ‘drying out’ required, I think (well, until the weekend anyway ☺).

So far there is no further news about my manuscript or the cover design, which is fine – I’m not expecting anything for another couple of weeks. While away, I really wanted to down tools and just read, but it was no good. My mind has been buzzing with ideas for a third novel for some time now and this was the perfect opportunity to start making some plans – you didn’t honestly think I was going to completely relax, did you? So yes, a new story, with new characters, very different issues, more medical drama, and of course some steam, is in the making. I now feel much better for emptying my head. There is nothing like filling a brand new notebook with multi-coloured pen notes, mind maps and magnetic page markers – sad but satisfying. However, I have promised my husband that I will make the dining room curtains before I lose myself again in another fictional world… but I can’t make curtains in a coffee shop while my younger son is learning Spanish, now can I?

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