True Blonde!

About 2 weeks ago, while re-filling my ‘granny’ pill box for that coming week, I noticed I didn’t have enough non-steroidals. On closer examination of said drug, I realized that I also had no further refills… oops! Oh well, I thought, they run out on Sunday (the same day we were going skiing for the day), I’m at my rheumatologist on Thursday, I’ll get my prescription refilled then. I haven’t had a break from them in… a very long time, but you sometimes have to try these things, right? Wrong!!

So, we pop up to Whistler for the day, ski in the most appalling weather on beautiful powdery snow, and return home with two very tired little boys. Yes, I was aware that my body had done a lot more than usual, my husband did his best to beat the knots out of my shoulders, but the next morning… it was not pretty. Was it really worth it when you start your day with a T3 for breakfast? Sadly I think not.

Then on Wednesday evening, the highlight of my week… physiotherapy!! It’s been a while since an IMS needle has gotten stuck, making the treatment a million times more painful than it normally is, and a nice bruise to prove it. He was not impressed that I stupidly went skiing without meds, knowing that, even when I take them, I return from the slopes not fit for a haircut! He did think it was a good idea to periodically see whether or not they are still doing their job, but that the timing of these little trials should be thought through a bit more carefully – fair enough.

Then there was the visit to the rheumatology doctor’s office. He walked in and his first words to me in his dreamy Spanish accent were, ‘you have lost weight?’ This is true, yes, as the only things I can have that have any sort of calories in them are chocolate and wine – clearly I’m not having enough of them! Many of you who are also members of the exclusive club of invisible diseases will know it is not unusual to suffer from some sort of GI problem. Mine is a starch intolerance which, of course, means no bread, rice, pasta, potatoes etc.. All that good stuff blows me up and gives me the most unbearable abdominal pain. So, it is quite easy to waste away, and recently I have been having a particularly bad time with it. Then I mentioned my recent drug withdrawal trial; the words were barely out of my mouth and the look on his face just screamed out, ‘you dozy tart!’ I know, what was I thinking?

So there you have it, another ‘blonde’ moment (& yes I am a natural blonde, so all muppetry is entirely genuine) to add to my growing list. It has not helped my final editing; as you can imagine, sitting at the computer with a neck and shoulders like concrete has not been wise. I will leave you with another, more amusing, blonde moment that always makes my husband laugh out loud when reminded of it. A few years ago, back in the UK, I was stood in a friend’s living room, admiring the peek-a-boo view she had of the ocean, on the west coast of England. She happened to mention that on a really clear day you could actually see Wales. I was instantly impressed and surprised by this information, and promptly replied ‘WOW! I had no idea they migrated this far!’ It was as she nearly choked on her mouthful of tea that I realized what a complete idiot I had just made of myself!!

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