… my neck is killing me, my shoulders are tighter than a body builder’s backside and my physio has abandoned me for a week, but I am on the last read through before I submit it. I managed to knock off 11,000 words, which I was disappointed wasn’t more at the final count, but I was reassured it was quite good considering I added another little twist to the story line. I was hoping it would be more like 20,000, but I guess I should be proud of what I’ve done so far. I think the time has come, anyway, for a fresh pair of eyes to pick it apart and make some professional suggestions. I’ve already been there once before and the feedback was good, so I know with the changes I’ve made it can only be better (she says with everything crossed!).

I’ve also done quite well for time too. I was aiming to have it submitted by now, but at least I’ve actually finished the editing and just need to read it through it again (making sure there are no grammar and punctuation errors my husband will have some sort of cerebral event over!). I think I’m now looking at another couple of weeks before I’m done – but I bet it’s more! I’m physically pretty good right now, but sitting at the computer is still a killer. In fact, I realized yesterday I had forgotten to call my pharmacy on Friday to order my biologic. I had been living from one dose to the next and not quite managing to last the full month, but since my Dr increased it to every 3 weeks, recently I have noticed that day is suddenly upon me without a second thought. Still, I shouldn’t abuse this and think I can spend hours and hours hunched over my laptop; bad posture does not look good in Hello magazine!!

So, I’ll keep reading and drinking coffee. The trainee barista who made my latté has provided a much better brew than her geeky colleague… but of course I could never tell the poor boy that – he’s only just gotten over our little chat about my genre!!

2 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. Harliqueen

    11,000 is still impressive 🙂 I know what you mean about hunching, I constantly to remind myself to sit up or I suffer for days afterwards when I get all bent over my laptop!


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