Cool runnings!

Well, I am back in the real world again after almost a week of no phone or Internet. The champagne powder of the British Columbian interior was just as advertised, which meant my two boys had a blast skiing with us as a family (4 years of ski school finally paid off!). Before I was diagnosed with AS, I always thought I would be the cool mum who would climb rocks and lead my boys down the double black diamonds (not very elegantly but who cares!). I’m in pretty good shape after this trip, but these days a blue run is about as much as I could manage. However, I have also got to that humiliating stage of being left for dead by my 7 year old. Yep! We set off at the top of a simple blue run, and I couldn’t catch the monkey! Fine! I thought, as long I can keep him in my sight, it’s ok. But, even more embarrassing was the fact he kept looking back to make sure I was still following, he even admitted this when I finally got to the bottom, out of breath, legs like jelly and my husband laughing out loud at me while praising my son for his awesome skiing… thanks dear I’ll remember that!!

So, I can’t be the cool mum who skis double black diamonds, or climbs rocks, or does other hard core outdoorsy, sporty stuff, but I still drive a Mini with 2 car seats in the back (something I have had a lot of respect for over the last 7 years), and I am going to publish my first novel. In their eyes that still makes me pretty cool!

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