Too many words!!

‘That’s a reasonably big book’, my publishing consultant pointed out, ‘you should consider making it 2 books’, she said.
Err… no!! Why? Well it has a sequel so that would make it a trilogy & EVERYONE is doing trilogies. So that’s a big fat no, lady, not going to happen. One of the things I really want to do with these books is break the mould. I want to give my readers something different, something fresh, and something real. So no trilogy!!! When I wrote them I never once sat there and thought, ‘right, now what do I write?’ I knew from them moment I began what the very last line of book 2 would be, and the journey it would take to get to there. And once I rolled with it, I couldn’t stop. Maybe that’s how it got so big; my imagination ran away with me.

However, despite my beta readers telling me that it really didn’t seem that big, and some of them didn’t actually want it to end, I do need to tighten it up. The professional reader report highlighted those bits as being very well done… a big fat high five to my imagination! It was also reported, with regard to those bits, that it may also contain too much of a good thing. So, even though my friend is protesting, some of those bits will have to go I’m afraid, but she’s made me promise that certain ones have to stay… oh yeah, absolutely!!

I must now be on my 15 millionth round of editing, and I’m sure it won’t be my last. This week I will hopefully sign the contract, pay them money I don’t have, and take another step towards the shelves…

7 thoughts on “Too many words!!

    1. llindley72 Post author

      Thanks again Tammy, I think my genre will be classed as ‘Contemporary Romance’, but I’m hoping to change things up a bit and turn the usual format of dominant male/vulnerable female on it’s head. I just got bored with reading the same kind of thing & wondered when someone was going to change it up a bit… hopefully that someone will me! Watch this space I might post something soon explaining more. LL

      1. tlohuis

        I’ll be watching, don’t worry. I’ve got a friend that’s an author and she’s gotten at least 3 books published so far, I think. Maybe more. Hell, I can’t keep track, but she writes erotica. She’s hilarious. I’ve got 2 of the books. I haven’t gotten around to reading them, yet, but when I get back into my reading mode, I’ll read them. I don’t usually read erotica. LOL but, since she’s my friend, I’ll see what she’s writing. She’s doing rather well, I must say. she’s been trying for years to get published and thank God she didn’t give up because it’s finally paying off. I’m so happy for her. I wish you the best of luck with your book.:)

  1. llindley72 Post author

    It’s good distraction therapy… you should try it! It gives me hope to hear of success, although I’m not really bothered about that I just want to buzz it will give me to have achieved it. It’s hilarious when someone asks what you do, so you wait until they’ve just taken a drink and reply ‘oh I write erotic romance!’
    Keep calm & smile – LL


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