Getting down to it…

Right! No kids for 2 hours, every Monday afternoon, for the next 3 months… Time to sort myself out and get down to some serious editing! I have secured a package with a publisher, which now gives me something to work towards. I have 3 weeks to address all the professional reader recommendations, and honestly they are nothing I didn’t already know and there really aren’t many of them. The slightly annoying thing is that I nearly incorporated some of them into the original draft but then after discussing them with my friend, decided that I might be opening too many cans of worms. Well, it would appear that readers like worms and lots of them!!

So, although sitting in a coffee shop for 2 hours will completely screw up the benefits of the wonderful massage I had yesterday, it is the only way I can guarantee the time. I am a typical mum, if I decide to go home during that time I will inevitably do every possible household chore I’ve been putting off for the last however long and suddenly it will be time to pick the monkey’s up. So, instead I am sitting blogging, yes okay I know, not editing… blogging! All right, I’m going ☺

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