A new year…

It has not been the best end to the year despite making some positive moves towards self-publishing my book. Just within the last few days alone I have had to deal with another harsh reality related to my disease. I am a very honest person, too honest sometimes, so when renewing my driver’s license and asked the question ‘has your health status changed?’ I, of course, answered ‘yes!’ This of course led to a form being produced, and an unplanned trip to my doctor’s office for him to complete said form… which I then discovered a few days ago he had failed to do and my license was suspended. Furious and angry doesn’t even cover how I felt, especially as I am perfectly fit to drive, quite possibly fitter than some of the drivers who do not have a chronic disease!


So, putting the obvious reason aside, why is this such a big deal? Well, it was the realization that now renewing my driver’s license is no longer straightforward anymore; I am once again put into a category. Thankfully, I have a great relationship with my doctor; he did everything he could to reverse a situation that should never have happened. The suspension was reversed, and the source of enormous stress removed. Life can now carry on into a new year, with new challenges, and a new adventure.


I’m looking forward to 2014 being more positive, I will embrace whatever life throws at me, good or bad. However physically challenging life becomes, I will not let it beat me down mentally. I am going to achieve something that I would have never dreamed possible… and I am going to publish my first novel and stick two fingers up at AS!!


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