When one door closes, another door always opens…

After 24 hours of thinking it wasn’t going to happen, something else came along and changed that. I was so determined I wasn’t going to give up when my original publisher hadn’t worked out. However, despite thinking that I don’t really know what I’m doing, finding other options was easier this time because I actually felt like I knew what I was looking for… well I think I do!!

It would appear that no matter whom you choose, the process is the same. This actually meant I could ask appropriate questions and to some extents understand the answers. The lady on the phone was lovely; of course she was lovely she wants my money!! But, she was quoting significantly less than the first publisher, and when I say significantly I mean SIGNIFICANTLY. One minute it’s not even possible and has gone completely off my radar, the next minute I can do a happy dance all the way to the Apple store to purchase a brand spanking new MacBook Air to celebrate!!

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