Now I’m interesting…. again!!

It’s got to that time of year again when you find yourself mingling with friends, friends of friends, & frankly a ton of people you’ll probably never mingle with again!
When I worked as an intensive care nurse, especially in paediatrics, I would mingle at gatherings & when asked what I do would proudly announce my job status. I haven’t worked as a nurse for 7 years, and I’m unlikely to ever again thanks to my disease. However, I moved on to discussing the everyday shenanigans of my 2 children, which is a full time job in itself but, after a while, you come to realize that actually your children are the ONLY thing you have to talk about. Did I ever sit down and think to myself ‘I’ll write a book that will make me interesting’… No, of course not because Me? Really? Don’t be ridiculous!!
So yesterday I find myself mingling at a pre-christmas gathering at a friends house, being asked the question again ‘what do I do?’ Now I have seen the jaw dropping responses of a few strangers recently, but my husband had not yet witnessed this… well now he has, and once again the person’s reaction was jaw dropping. I can’t lie, it’s an amazing feeling because really, its’ the last thing you expect a person to say… ‘Oh I’m in the process of publishing my first fictional novel!’

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